David Sanakoev: South Ossetian can be effective and reliable member of international community

Mon, 24/08/2009 - 10:56

26 August – Day of Recognition of South Ossetia
David Sanakoev, Human Rights Commissioner of South Ossetia
It has been a year since Georgia’s treacherous attack against our state, since the horrific events shocking the whole world. As a results, we have been recognized, and I can tell now that South Ossetia is not a part of Georgia any more and it will never be again. Despite all difficulties which we encounter on our path to development of our statehood, the Republic had achieved certain success in the reconstruction of the economy destroyed by the war. Certainly, we still have to accomplish much more and for this, we need consolidation; this will ease and speed up the processes of our Republic’s revival.

Undoubtedly, our people is grateful to the nation and the leadership of the Russian Federation for support and recognition of our state in the most difficult time for our state. The Republic of South Ossetia can be an effective and reliable member to international community, we have a good potential for development of social sector and economy. I would like to stress that we bear the responsibility before next generation for consolidating our efforts to revive our state from ruins.

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