Vadim Brovtsev assessed the situation in Djava district of South Ossetia

Mon, 24/08/2009 - 11:00

Vadim Brovtsev, the Chairman of the RSO Government paid a visit to Djava district of South Ossetia to assess the situation on the ground. He visited the “BAGIATA” Mineral Water Plant and the Crushing Plant. He was satisfied with the results and underscored that these plants had a promising potential for development. “To increase the production, it is planned to install additional capacities at BAGIATA plant in October”, said Brovtsev.

Additionally, during his visit Vadim Brovtsev saw Asphalt Plant where he checked the ongoing works. “Judging on the production of the asphalt plan, we are able to reconstruct the roads in South Ossetia with our own capacities”, underlined Brovtsev.
According to the RSO Prime-Minister, South Ossetia has all the resources to independently rehabilitate all vital sectors, to develop the economy and promote social security for citizens.

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