Voting for presidential elections will be held at 85 electoral districts in South Ossetia


On November, 13, in day of voting for presidential elections and also the referendum about the Russian language status in South Ossetia, 84 electoral districts will be opened in the Republic. As informed by the Chairman of the Central Election Committee of the RSO Bell Plieva at the governmental meeting of South Ossetia, one electoral district will be arranged at the RSO embassy territory in the city of Moscow of the Russian Federation, and the decision of question on opening one more polling center in Abkhazia is still in progress.«In general, in the day of elections 85 polling districts will be opened, including: 19 - in Tskhinval, one - in Moscow, two - in village - The Upper Ruck (Dzausky district, RSO) -where the citizens, living in North Ossetia, will be able to vote. The rest of the electoral districts will be located in the territory of the Republic», - the head of the Central Election Committee has informed.She has noted, that for today the Central Election Committee registered 13 candidates for the Presidency, 10 nominees are still at the consideration stage.«The definitive candidates list will be declared till October, 19», - Plieva has concluded.It should be reminded, that on November, 13 of the current year it is planned to conduct the presidential elections in the Republic of South Ossetia. Along with the elections a referendum about the Russian language status in the RSO will also be held.

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