Constantin Khakhanov: Starting new production will create 250 jobs

Fri, 30/03/2012 - 16:44

The recently created State Unitary Enterprise (SUE) of the Republic of South Ossetia "Complex processing facilities" will include dairy, meat, canning factory and logistics center. This has been reported to IA "Res" by Director General of the State Unitary Enterprise "Complex processing industries," Constantine Khakhanov.
"Milk and canning plants, meat and a logistics center are planned to be built within the framework of the Investment program" Development of agriculture in the Republic of South Ossetia» - said Khakhanov.
According to him, the milk processing factory, capable of producing up to 10 tons per shift will be constructed in order to provide a closed-cycle production of milk and dairy products. With an increase of the milk supplies, there is provided the possibility of organizing a second, if necessary, the third shift.

"For the organization of a complete cycle a meat processing and packing factory will be built at capacity 5000 tons per shift," - added the CEO. The cannery will also be renovated as part of the investment program. There will be installed a line for production packaged puree in aseptic packaging, which is in great demand by the Russian and European companies for production of food." According to Khakhanov, construction of modern logistics center is also urgent for the Republic, as in the long term SUE "Complex processing industries" will be designed to be a major food procurer of South Ossetia and the transit point for the WTO member countries output. "Currently the management of the SUE "Complex processing facilities" is taking measures for the repair of industrial premises of the bread-baking plant." - continued Khakhanov. He said that a flour mill at capacity of 12,000 pounds of production per day had been installed at this facility, and very soon there would be a set line of extruded grain at capacity 5600 pounds per day. "Besides, it has been signed a contract to supply equipment for production of mixed fodder at productivity of 2500 pounds per hour. It will also be installed in the premises of the grain-enterprise", - said the director of GUP.
Khakhanov has noted that the implementation of these measures will contribute to self-sufficiency of the Republic's own food, creating a modern highly productive agricultural sector and will provide employment in the most depressed areas of the Republic.
"These measures will also help create conditions for the return of the population in rural areas, attracting professionals and young people in the most promising economic sector of the country," - continued the CEO. According to him, the launch of new production will create 250 jobs, and in addition will make a significant contribution to ensuring food and economic security and socio-economic development of South Ossetia.

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