More than a hundred refugees can receive citizenship of South Ossetia

Wed, 19/09/2012 - 18:37

More than a hundred refugees, living in the country, claim to citizenship of South Ossetia.
As the head of the Committee on Migration Policy of the RSO Vladimir Ushakov said IA "Res", the Commission on Citizenship of the RSO was engaged in the questions of granting citizenship to refugees.
"It is planned to grant citizenship to the people who were forced to leave the territory of Georgia because of persecution from the early 1990's. They must submit all the required documents, and then the committee during the year will consider and decide whether to grant them citizenship or not,"- explained Ushakov.

He has added that the Committee on Migration Policy registered 2541 people, at the moment, many of them are housed in the collective accommodation centers in Tskhinval.
"In total, we registered 1,035 families, but in the hostels, for example, on a camp ''Ossetia'', are living 56 people, in the vocational school`s hostel- 28 families, in the building of the agricultural college-15 families, in the hostel of micro-district ''BAM'' - 8 families,"- underlined Ushakov.
He noted that 70 families had already got the permanent comfortable accommodation. These families are not included in the above mentioned list of refugees.
"Even before the war by the government, which at that time had found the relevant means, 12 families were given the keys to homes and apartments. Also for 27 needy families were allotted flats in the neighborhood ''Sunny'', 13 families got apartments in the neighborhood ''Moscow'' and two months ago 10 families got cottages in the village of Tbet "- said Ushakov.
He expressed the hope that the issue for housing of all refugees in the country would be resolved in time.

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