Businessmen from the Far East are ready to cooperate with South Ossetia

Fri, 28/09/2012 - 16:20

Korean and Chinese businessmen have expressed their intention to cooperate with the government of South Ossetia. Today they have made the corresponding statement in Tskhinval at the meeting with the Prime Minister of South Ossetia Rostik Khugaev.
The delegation from China and South Korea has offered the prime minister to cooperate in the construction and infrastructure development of South Ossetia.

In particular, a businessman from South Korea Man Sun Moon offered the services of his company in the field of telephone, cable television and the Internet.
"This is our first visit to South Ossetia, and we came to establish relationship with the local government, we want to assist in the development of the Republic" - Sun Moon Man said.
Rostik Khugaev, in turn, has said that South Ossetia is interested in the development of the innovative technologies of the Republic.
"You can work through the trends with the Minister of Economic Development of the Republic and make specific proposals for the implementation of your projects", - said the prime minister.
The meeting was also attended by Minister for Economic Development of South Ossetia Zalina Khugati and Deputy Chairman of the Far East Ossetian diaspora Batradz Pliev, who had organized the visit of the businessmen to South Ossetia.

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