Results of the government work of South Ossetia in 2012 have been summed up at the round table in Tskhinval

Wed, 26/12/2012 - 12:46

Results of the government work of South Ossetia in 2012 have been discussed today at the round table, held in the media center "IR." The round table was attended by the Chairman of the Government of the Republic Rostik Khugaev, Economic Development Minister Zalina Khugati, Presidential Adviser for Social Affairs Radion Siukaev, heads of the Parliament and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic, the experts of the media center and media representatives.

According to the head of the media center "Ir" Irina Gagloeva, 2012 was crucial for the people of South Ossetia, - the year of reload, the change of leadership of the Republic.
"And I think that the plans that are being announced today by the Government will yield the results. Very much in this regard depends on the society, because in 2012 we got the opportunity to talk, to discuss, to criticize at all available platforms "- said Gagloeva.
As leader of the political party "Fydybaestae" Vyacheslav Gobozov said, the authorities of South Ossetia had managed to consolidate the society after the election.
"Even the party boom that we are seeing today is a logical consequence of the direct release from the authoritarian society," - emphasized Gobozov.
One of the media center experts Yuri Vazagov, in turn, pointed to the positive trend of the recovery processes from the period in office of the new government.
"In particular, good results were achieved in the construction of national roads, of which it was arranged well over 80 km. Much work has also been done to restore the infrastructure of the districts,"- specified the expert.
He added that this year had become a new stage of building relations between Russia and South Ossetia.
"The main efforts have been directed to improve the legislation of bilateral relations and the implementation of the agreements, signed earlier," - said the expert.
The positive development of relations between Russia and South Ossetia this year has been stressed by the Prime Minister Rostik Khugaev.
"The whole world observed with what respect Russia's leadership had received our president in Moscow - said Khugaev. - The fact that within three years on the development of South Ossetia will be allocated 28 and a half billion rubles is the evidence of good relationship and trust between the Russian Federation and our Republic. "
Speaking about the development of economy of the Republic of Zalina Khugati said that the task of the Ministry of Economic Development was to increase native revenues.
"The source of income in the Republic is now 7.2 per cent - said the minister. - Our goal is to ensure that the proportion of native income to the state budget over three years will be at least 40 to 45 percent. "
Radion Siukaev, in turn, said that Russia and South Ossetia had been preparing the signing of an agreement for providing a specialized, high-tech medical care.
"The citizens of South Ossetia, domiciled in the Republic and the South Ossetian citizens with dual citizenship will be included in a single information system dedicated to provide high-tech care in the Russian Federation", - explained Siukaev.
At the end of the event the work of the government was evaluated by Speaker of the Parliament of South Ossetia Stanislav Kochiev.
"Today we can see real results of the work of the new leadership of the Republic. We have never seen such a positive dynamics in the recovery process - the speaker said. - As for those, who hindered these processes in recent years, they must be brought to justice."
The Speaker said that today about 70 criminal cases had been initiated on this fact, which, in his opinion, was the result of the satisfactory quality of the new leadership`s work.

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