Abookdedicated to one of the defenders of the Motherland was published in Tskhinval

Sun, 03/03/2013 - 14:57

A book by Khadizat Lalieva "Both the mother and Ossetia have been mourning over their son", dedicated to one of the defenders of Ossetia Alexander Mikhailenko, was published in South Ossetia.

The book describes the life of an ardent patriot of Ossetia who at the decisive moment breasting the enemy, sprinkled the native land with his blood and entered the gold list of heroes.
Alexander Mikhailenko (1960 - 1992) was working as a chief physician of the dental clinic in Tskhinval. During the Georgian aggression, along with medical instruments he had always a submachine gun on the table. He was one of the first to be enlisted in the riot squad. Alexander was always in the forefront of defenders of the homeland in the most dangerous areas.
The legendary defender of the Motherland was seriously wounded in the battle on May 27, 1992. Doctors in North and South Ossetia were fighting for his life, but could not save him. His heart stopped beating on May 30, 1992.

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