South Ossetian President presented awards to Russian journalists

Tue, 19/03/2013 - 20:55

South Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov has visited today the "School of journalistic skills" in Tskhinval. The head of state welcomed the guests on behalf of the Republic and the people of South Ossetia.
"A journalist's work is heavy. Many of you participated in the coverage of the tragic events of August 2008. There are people among you who show great interest and love for South Ossetia, "- said Tibilov.

He has expressed the hope that the young South Ossetian journalists will become in future professionals and will work not only in South Ossetia, but also outside of the Republic.
The President also presented the audience the newly appointed head of the Information and Press Committee Vyacheslav Gobozov.
"Gobozov is a well-known political analyst and journalist; he is the man who has done a lot for South Ossetia to live in peace ", - said Tibilov.
He has also noted that implementation of the agreements, reached during the meeting of the presidents of South Ossetia and the Russian Federation, is in progress.
"Russian specialists have been coming to our Republic to help their colleagues in the various ministries and agencies, our specialists have also been travelling to the Russian Federation. I think such a tight collaboration will bring South Ossetia to the level of the civilized world, "- said Tibilov.
During the event the head of state presented state awards to the guests of the Republic - Russian journalists.
"We appreciate your efforts in the covering the events of 2008, when Georgia unleashed an open war against South Ossetia, codenamed the ''open field, '' but owing to a timely decision of the Russian leadership we, the people of South Ossetia, can say today thanks to the Russian people ", - stressed the president.
By the Decree of the President for the great personal contribution to the development of friendly Russian-South Ossetian relations, professionalism, courage and dedication shown in the coverage of the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia in August 2008, the author and the host of the "Military Programme" of the Russian TV channel Alexander Sladkov was awarded the Order of Friendship.
Editor of the newspaper "Independent Military Review" Viktor Litovkin, head of the department of construction and transportation issues of the newspaper "Tverskaya 13" Vladimir Moss, as well as the press officer of Roscosmos Alina Davydova have been decorated with medals "To Safeguard Peace in South Ossetia".
Honorary diplomas of the Republic of South Ossetia were presented to CEO of the Political Studies "North-South", Vice President of the public relations company, associate professor of the integrated communications Faculty of Applied Political Science Olga Peskova, organizer of the trainings Julia Yakusheva, a historian faculty employee of the MSU Sergei Rekeda and the MSU political science student Daria Lyalyulina.
The President has also presented a letter of gratitude to the staff of the Political Studies "North-South".

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