NGOs have been developing the concept of South Ossetia on the state support

Thu, 11/04/2013 - 09:37

A round table discussion on the topic "Prospects for the revival of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in South Ossetia as a condition for democratic development of the Republic" was held in Tskhinval; it was attended by representatives of the South Ossetian NGOs.

The participants discussed issues of developing the concept of the State Support to NGOs in South Ossetia. Director of the "Resource Center for NGOs of South Ossetia" Lira Kozaeva noted the importance of non-governmental organizations in the development of the state.
"Concept of the State Support to NGOs of the RSO is based on the fundamental principles of the Constitution and the law" On Public Organizations of South Ossetia, "- said Kozaeva. - This concept has covered the activities for interaction with the public organizations, the development of mechanisms of the state support of social projects of the public organizations. One of the priorities of the democratization of the public life is the development of the non-governmental sector. "
According to director of the "Resource Center", the vast majority of the NGOs have difficulties in realizing their goals.
"One of the reasons is the lack of comprehensive and targeted state support to non-governmental sector - said Kozaeva. - In addition, mechanisms of interaction and cooperation between the state bodies and the NGOs are not enough developed. "
She has noted that to date, it`s necessary to develop a comprehensive public policy support to the NGOs.
"The adoption of the concept involves improving the legal framework, the introduction of changes and amendments to some normative legal acts - said Kozaeva. - Speaking of the democratic development of our Republic, we must strive to build democratic institutions. This segment of the civil society must exist and it must be revived. "
The Roundtable participants made a decision to complete the project concept in the near future and submit it to the Government of the Republic.
The participants have also noted that it`s necessary to hold the meetings between the President and the third sector representatives.

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