South Ossetian and Russian officials discussed the development of health care and social insurance in South Ossetia

Tue, 30/04/2013 - 17:26

Questions of establishing compulsory social insurance system and coordination of the project of the state program on the development of public health in South Ossetia in 2013 - 2020 were discussed in the course of a few days working visit to Moscow by the RSO Minister of Health and Social Insurance Gregory Kulidzhanov and the RSO Presidential State Adviser on social issues Rodion Siukaev.

As IA "Res" was informed at the press service of the Ministry of Public Health of South Ossetia, "during a trip to the Russian capital, Kulidzhanov, Siukaev and Deputy Minister of Health Akhsar Zasseev met with representatives of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation on socio-economic cooperation with the countries - participants of the CIS, the Republic of Abkhazia and the Republic of South Ossetia, as well as with senior officials of the Russian agencies - Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labor."
South Ossetian and Russian officials discussed the draft of the state program of South Ossetia "Development of Health in 2013 - 2020."
"Following the discussion, the parties agreed to submit the draft program with a number of amendments for approval to the Ministry of Health of Russia", - said the spokesman.
According to him, Siukaev also met with the Director of the Department of Social Security of the Ministry of Labor Lyudmila Chikmaeva and a number of other senior officials of the department.
"During the joint meeting was discussed the action plan for establishing of the RSO system of compulsory social insurance in case of temporary disability and maternity, as well as compulsory social insurance against accidents at work and profile diseases - continued the official. - Siukaev briefed the participants on the ongoing work in our Republic to establish a system of compulsory insurance and made a decision to agree on a plan for action."
A representative of the Health Ministry has added that the South Ossetian and Russian officials also discussed the provision of specialized, including high-tech and medical assistance to the citizens of South Ossetia in the Russian medical institutions.
"The parties agreed to hold at the end of May a joint meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Health of South Ossetia and Russia, in order to make a final decision to provide high-tech medical care to our citizens, - was stated at the press service.
The meeting also addressed the issues of training and retraining of South Ossetian health professionals.
"The participants of the meeting decided to develop jointly the questions to assess the skills of health workers in South Ossetia, including the involvement of Russian specialists, as well as the planning of the evaluation of the initial training and refresher medical training in consideration of the needs of health care institutions of our Republic" – was stated by the Health Ministry of South Ossetia.
The South Ossetian side has also briefed the Russian colleagues on the work carried out in the Republic for research and issuing opinion letters concerning specific properties of the mineral waters, the stock of which is already explored in the territory of South Ossetia.

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