The ICRC in South Ossetia will open a summer school on International Humanitarian Law

Thu, 30/05/2013 - 11:10

The Mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in South Ossetia plans to open a summer school on the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in Tskhinval. As the correspondent of IA "Res" has been informed at the ICRC office in Tskhinval, the school program is designed for four days - June 1-4.
"The opening of the school is dedicated to the International Day of the Child and is designed for schoolchildren of South Ossetia aged 12-16. February 15 it was held a writing competition, by the results of which were selected 26 schoolchildren out of 32 ones, "- explained the head of the ICRC press service Marina Tedety.
During the classes the schoolchildren will become familiar with the basic concepts of the international humanitarian law, the history of the International Committee of the Red Cross. They will learn about the ICRC activities to clarify the fate of the missing citizens of South Ossetia and other programs.

"In addition to the theoretical sessions with an introduction to IHL, the first day the schoolchildren will paint posters on the theme of the Day of the Child. The second day will be devoted to the theory. The school includes the games in the open air: in the first half of the third day of classes it is planned to hold the game ''Pathfinder '' outdoors ", - said Tedety.
The game "Theatre season" will be held the last day of the classes.
"The schoolchildren will be given an extract from the Geneva Conventions, with a proposal to act out a situation, illustrating the proposed passage. This is the second summer school. The pilot project took place in August 2012. The experience was very positive, and we decided to repeat it, having diversified the program with new tasks. After graduating the classes we will sum up the results. We want to hear from the participants what they learned, what else can be added to the program in the future, "- said Tedety.
The school will be opened at the National Palace of Children's Creativity in Tskhinval, and the territory of the adjacent park is fully suitable for implementation of the program.

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