In Tskhinval is officially opened the garment factory

Fri, 20/09/2013 - 09:24

The official opening of the garment factory "BTK -4" has taken place today in Tskhinval. The event was attended by President Leonid Tibilov, president of the St. Petersburg Company "BTK Group" Teimuraz Bolloev, government officials, members of the Parliament, as well as guests who came to celebrate the Republic Day.
The Head of State has congratulated those present on the opening of the factory, noting that it has not functioned for more than 20 years.
"The great contribution to the revival of the factory has made our countryman Taymuraz Bolloev - said Tibilov. - Bolloev is a person who expresses his love for the motherland and people by deeds."
The Head of State has stressed that the leadership of the Republic will do everything possible to develop the economy and attract investors.
"This is the component through which the standard of living of the people can be raised, without which cannot be the development of any country, - said Tibilov. - I think, this example will be followed by similar steps that will contribute to the development of the economy and the Republic will be able to eke out the state budget."
In turn, Taymuraz Bolloev has said that a year ago he was given the task of reviving the Tskhinval garment factory.
"Great efforts have made builders, technologists, technicians , representatives of South Ossetia, Saint Petersburg, the Baltic textile company, and in a record time the factory began functioning," - said Bolloev.
"Of course, much remains to be further developed, - said Bolloev. - We have great plans, great expectations that this complex project in the complicated region will serve as an example for many people who have the opportunity to invest in South Ossetia and soon these opportunities will turn into desire. "
According to him, in South Ossetia, there is a risk to invest in business projects.
"The same risk was in the 90’s in Russia - said Bolloev. - When for the revival of the industry we did not have the funds, we were also attracting foreign investors. Many of them did not believe in the revival of the Russian economy, and those companies that believed, have gained. I think those who believe in the revival of the economy of South Ossetia in the long run, will gain, as this is the land of plenty. "
At the event were presented the samples of the factory production. Then the participants inspected the factory building and learned the working conditions.
The garment factory in Tskhinval has not been functioning since the beginning of the Georgian aggression in 1989-1992. The building fell into disrepair. In 2012 a Russian businessman Teimuraz Bolloev on the invitation of the Republic restored the building of the garment factory.

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