Residents of the village of Dmenis told the President of South Ossetia about their problems

Sun, 03/11/2013 - 20:04

South Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov has made today an inspection tour of the village of Dmenis in Tskhinval district of South Ossetia. He was accompanied by the head of Tskhinval district Alan Pliev and the chief of the Control Department under the Presidential Administration Vladimir Tskhovrebov.
The President met with the residents of the village, asked what challenges they face in everyday life.

Dmenis is the largest village in the district, with a population of over one and a half thousand people (about 500 yards). During the Ossetian -Georgian war in August 2008 the village was severely damaged. According to the head of the district Alan Pliev, during the hostilities, over 50% of houses were damaged.
"So, today the urgent problem is rehabilitation and construction of housing. Also, many of the villagers ask to repair the roofs of their houses, damaged during the war in 2008. There are also a lot of dilapidated houses in the village, "- said Pliev.
The President has stressed that the houses destroyed and damaged during the war of 2008 will be sure to rebuild.
One of the main problems of the villagers is also the lack of drinking water. The President has assured that within the next two days for the water pipeline in Dmenis will be allocated funds, and by mid- December, the issue of the village water supply will be resolved.
Also, before the leadership of the district has arisen the issue of construction the building of the village administration, the house of culture, a kindergarten.
The President has also promised that in the near future in Dmenis it is planned to erect a monument to the victims of terrorist acts, committed by Georgian special services in 2006-2008.
The President also spoke briefly about the work of the government of the Republic, on the visit of Russian officials to South Ossetia. He has informed that in 2014, in the Republic will be built about 25 social facilities.
The President has also promised the residents of Dmenis to solve the problem with the internal roads of the village.
During the meeting, Alan Pliev has noted that many rural farmers need state support. The villagers have noted that often they simply have nowhere to sell the agricultural products, in particular, fruit and vegetables grown in their own gardens.
Representatives of the government of the Republic also visited the secondary school. The President saw the classrooms, the conditions for studying. According to the principal Zema Dudaeva, the only problem is the lack of a gym.
According to the head of the village administration Khasan Gigolaev, the question of building a gym in the school yard is under consideration.
The President has underlined that the Republic's leadership will do everything possible to bring the level of education in the Republic of South Ossetia up to standard.
Khasan Gigolaev also asked the President to provide aid to the villagers injured during the defense of Dmenis in August 2008.

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