Pavel Kumaritov: The primary objective is the development of small and medium-sized business

Wed, 20/11/2013 - 11:15

Development of small and medium-sized business in South Ossetia is the primary task, the decision of which is linked to the development of the economy as a whole, said IA "Res" the head of the Department of small and medium entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Economic Development of South Ossetia Pavel Kumaritov.

According to him, along with the work to restore the Republic it is necessary to work in the direction of business development.
"The leadership of the most developed countries focuses and supports that part of the population that is engaged in small and medium business. Without the development of small and medium business the development of the economy of the state is impossible," - said Kumaritov.
The majority of two thousand business plans, which are currently under consideration by the Department of Small and Medium Business of the Ministry of Economic Development, are related to the field of agriculture, 40 % -to the service sector - creating tourist facilities, construction materials production, food industry.
"Entrepreneurs who are currently working in South Ossetia started their business, using their own capital. But if the government provides them assistance, then within a year will start functioning at least 20-30 % percent of all the reported enterprises, and then will be created about three thousand jobs "- believes Kumaritov.
He also expressed the hope that at the next meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission for socio-economic development of South Ossetia, South Ossetian side would raise questions of the necessity to develop entrepreneurship in the Republic.
"The need to develop this sector has recently stated the President of the Republic Leonid Tibilov. In addition, Russian Presidential Aide for cooperation with South Ossetia and Abkhazia Vladislav Surkov, who has recently visited South Ossetia, has underlined that it is necessary to pay attention to the development of the internal resources," - reminded Kumaritov.
According to Kumaritov, the overwhelming part of those wishing to start their own business is representatives of rural youth, many of whom began their business from scratch. "These young people should be rendered assistance to enable them to develop their business. In addition, if the young people are busy, they will have no desire to leave the Republic in search of work," - he said.
He has stressed that the state should establish rigid control over the use of funds allocated for implementation of business plans, creation of system of selling of finished products, as well as the selection of business plans on a competitive basis.
Kumaritov has also reminded that the recent loans for entrepreneurship were issued in 2010, but not all in full.
Kumaritov has added that every district has its own peculiarities of economic development, for example, Leningor district is ideal for crop sector and Dzau district for animal husbandry and tourism.
"This is not a mere allegation; I know the situation in the Republic and know exactly what is needed to develop its economy. Having toured all the districts, talking to the residents, I have seen the enthusiasm of the young people of the Republic that the state will help them in the development of entrepreneurship," - said the head of the department.
"Overnight, cannot be solved all the problems facing the young Republic. An important component of success in this business is the fact that this area should involve professionals," - said Kumaritov.
He has added that most of the products, imported today from the Russian Federation, can be produced by South Ossetian entrepreneurs, provided with financial assistance.

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