Issues of implementation of youth policy were discussed at the South Ossetian State University

Wed, 04/12/2013 - 22:05

Chairman of the Committee on Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of South Ossetia Sergei Zasseev met with student activists of the South Ossetian State University. The meeting focused on the implementation of youth policy in the Republic. Zasseev has noted that every person in the Republic must understand that he is responsible for his actions.

"The state is the national idea, - stressed Zasseev. - We have gained the statehood and it is a great responsibility that lies on all of us. A responsible person has a completely different approach to everything. "
During the meeting was emphasized the need to attract the youth to the implementation of socio-economic reforms in the Republic aimed at the development of the country.
"No one will solve our most pressing issues for us, - said Zasseev. – Today we have to determine the main priorities for young people. We have to present our vision of the economy, agriculture, industry, that is, those areas of the economy in which we want to see changes."
Students of the South-Ossetian state University, in turn, asked questions, in particular, were discussed such topics as the development of tourism in the Republic, the possibility of creation of the youth Parliament, organization of youth educational forums in the Republic, etc.

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