Leonid Tibilov: In 2013, relations between South Ossetia and Russia reached more qualitative level

Sun, 29/12/2013 - 12:25

South Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov summed up the results of the year 2013 during a press conference in Tskhinval. According to him, this year for the Republic was challenging and eventful.

"One of the main events of 2013 was held August 8; we were commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia. Another date we celebrated August 26 - the fifth anniversary of Russia`s recognition of our independence, "- said the president.
In his opinion, an important event for the Republic was a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin held in Sochi on May 21.
"The meeting gave a new impetus to relations between South Ossetia and Russia, as were taken serious decisions concerning both the development of the Republic as a whole, and the implementation of socio-economic projects," – has noted the president , stressing that Russia pays great attention to the meetings held between the leadership of both countries.
In general, according to Leonid Tibilov, relations between Russia and South Ossetia in 2013 reached a more qualitative level.
"Thanks to the coordinated work of Russian and South Ossetian experts we were able to proceed to the establishment of public administration, achieved concrete results in the financial sector," - said the head of state .
Among the significant events the President also voiced the increase in wages (January 1) in public sector by 40% and compensation payments to pensioners in March.
The head of state also noted the signing of agreements with Russia, highlighting the agreement on free trade, as well as the disposal of the President of Russia on signing the agreement between Russian Federation and the Republic of South Ossetia on pension provision for South Ossetian soldiers and their families.
Answering a question on how effective in the past year was the work of the government of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov has noted that the Cabinet was working with varied success.
"There was some slippage in the work of the Cabinet and it is not excluded that in 2014 will take place personnel changes. At the same time, "the work of a number of ministers cannot but inspire respect,"- stressed the head of state.
Speaking about the level of freedom of speech in the Republic, Tibilov has recalled that one of his first statements as President concerned the fact that in South Ossetia there should be no restrictions in this regard.
"If any officer prevents the publication of any particular material, tell me the name and together with you we will punish them," - he said to the media.
Talking about the upcoming 2014 parliamentary elections, in particular, the possibility of changing the current proportional electoral system, the President has noted that he read the Declaration of citizens who signed a petition to the President on the need of mixed electoral system in the Republic.
"The commission on improving the legislation of the Republic is working on these issues. During my election campaign, I talked about it, and I am not going to renege on my promises. But within a year or two it is impossible to implement all the points of this program,"- said Tibilov.
He said that the next Parliament of the Republic must be more efficient, independent and as the legislative branch should serve the interests of people.

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