IIn Belgium, completed the events in the framework "Days of Ossetian culture in Europe"

Wed, 28/05/2014 - 12:05

In Belgium, completed activities carried out in the framework of "Days of Ossetian culture in Europe." According to the program organizer, the head of the international non-profit association «Renaissance Sandidzan» Radion Pukhaev, "Days of Ossetian culture in Europe" started on May 16 in the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Brussels, where at the round-table "Bridges of cooperation" gathered representatives of the creative intelligentsia from Ossetia and Europe.

"The round table was attended by artists, filmmakers, public figures, representatives of Ossetian diaspora in Europe," - said Pukhaev.
The roundtable participants reviewed the results of the four -year work and discussed the preparations for the fifth anniversary of the Days of Ossetian culture in Europe in 2015. In addition, they discussed the prospects of cooperation between Ossetia and European countries in the field of culture and art.
"At the round table was also announced the exhibition" "Arv -Art" Reflection of Europe" (Europe through the eyes of Ossetian artists) to be held in August and September in Vladikavkaz and Tskhinval, respectively, as well as the issue of a catalog on the basis of several years of the activities in Europe,"- said Pukhaev.
According to him, it also was premiered the film by the famed documentary filmmaker Vadim Tsalikov "Beslan. Memory," filmed in Russia, Italy, Belgium and Germany.
"Before the beginning of the film the author addressed the audience and introduced the people who at that time were in Beslan and some heroes of the movie, - said Pukhaev. - The film did not leave indifferent anyone."
Then director of the Russian Cultural Centre in Brussels Alexander Razumov and Radion Pukhaev opened the VI international exhibition of Ossetian artists -"Arv -Art." The paintings and graphics presented the artists Yuri Abisalov, Boris Gabaraev, Sophia Kodoeva, Akhsar Akhpolov and Valery Sanakoev.
Alexander Razumov noted the high level not only of the paintings and the film, but also the organization of the "Days of Ossetian culture in Europe.
Pukhaev has noted that May 27, in Rome, and on June 10 in Paris will take place the premiere of the film by Vadim Tsalikov "Beslan. Memory" and will be opened the exhibition of Ossetian artists "Arv -Art."
"In Rome and Paris the painting and graphics will be presented by Shalva Bedoev, Magrez Kelekhsaev, Vadim Pukhaev, Lavrenty Kasoev, Akhsar Yesenov, Vadim Kadzhaev, Vladimir Aylarov, Igor Toguzaev, Larisa Salbieva and Oleg Basayev.

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