Believers of South Ossetia met the Resurrection of Christ in the Church of the Blessed Virgin

Sun, 16/04/2017 - 22:12

In South Ossetia hundreds of people gathered at the main church of the Republic, the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin on the night of Sunday, where the festive liturgy was held. The festive church service served the dean of Tskhinval churches priest Jacob Khetagurov, together with Father Simon. Then the religious procession took place, after which the festive divine service continued.
On the evening of the Resurrection of Christ, the incumbent President of the Republic Leonid Tibilov, the elected President Anatoly Bibilov and the former president Eduard Kokoity came to the Temple, who together with the parishioners welcomed the Radiant Resurrection of Christ.
Jacob Khetagurov wished everyone peace, well-being, prosperity, appealing to the parishioners, he called for peace and tranquility, "for even yesterday's political opponents who are united by faith in Christ, today in the temple are standing shoulder to shoulder."
"Holy Easter is a symbol of the beginning of a new life, therefore rejoice and pray for the welfare and divine grace in our land. Easter awakens in person good qualities, the desire to carry and create good, treat with love for brothers and sisters and the desire to be better, "Khetagurov said.
He has asked to support the elected President Anatoly Bibilov with a prayer, noting that he will have to rule in a very difficult time, when wars are unleashed everywhere.
"Pray that the Lord will give our elected President the power to lead our ship only to victory and only to prosperity. And that this ship, in spite of external threats, will never got into a situation when its sails will never again be inflated by the wind, "said the clergyman.
The incumbent President Leonid Tibilov also congratulated all the Orthodox Christians, noting that the ancestors of the South Ossetians chose Christianity in ancient times, and since that time the people of South Ossetia have been following this faith.
"May all the words uttered by the clergyman and his prayers reach us all. People of the Republic have experienced many difficulties and it is gratifying to see such a unity of the people today. The people of the Republic have come out on a new road today, and I want this road to be beautiful for them, "said Leonid Tibilov.
Elected President of the Republic Anatoly Bibilov wished the parishioners divine grace.
"I wish all of you an unshakable faith in God and his constant help. If you think about it, God helped us all, believers in Christ, to avoid death. We have great strength, thanks to which we have gone through all the difficult times. I wish all of you more strength from God, courage, immense faith and understanding of each other, "Anatoly Bibilov said.
After the solemn liturgy, the priests traditionally consecrated Easter cakes and eggs.
The parishioners congratulated each other on the Radiant Resurrection of Christ.

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