The unrest in Venezuela is carried out by the countries that want to take control over its resources - MFA

Fri, 25/01/2019 - 11:40

Attempts to overthrow the President of Venezuela are being conducted by the countries that want to take control over its resources and the country,told reporters Foreign Minister of South Ossetia Dmitry Medoev.

The Minister called it obvious the fact that the actions of the United States are aimed at the destruction of the statehood of Venezuela.

“We know examples of such actions - Iraq, Afghanistan, where, just as unceremoniously, the United States carried out its aggressive actions. The results of these actions are deplorable - millions of refugees, hundreds of thousands of perished,” he said.

According to the Foreign Minister, the people's government of Venezuela prevents these plans from having control over the resources and over the country.

“The tip is aimed at the President, the government, the constitutional system. This is an obvious attempt to create a situation in which the state will become incapacitated in order to then put its puppet leaders to gain the access to resources. This is a long-standing policy of these countries,” he stressed.

As noted by the Minister, Venezuela is a sovereign state that pursues an independent foreign policy, is in OPEC - an organization that deals with countries involved in oil production.

"A country like Venezuela cannot but provide interest to those countries that would not want it to be independent, pursuing an independent foreign economic policy," he concluded.

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