Chronicle of the Georgian aggression: August 1, 2008


Chronicle of August 2008: How it was. August 1

18:00 - Urgent: The Georgian side began a sniper attack on the capital of South Ossetia - Tskhinval and Ossetian settlements from all directions.

18:17 - As a result of shelling of the South Ossetian Ministry of Internal Affairs post located on the northeastern outskirts of the settlement of Zemo-Prisi, officers of the post G. Bestaev and V. Gassiev received gunshot wounds. As a result of the received gunshot wound G. Bestaev died on the spot. The fire from sniper weapons was conducted from the newly equipped firing positions of the Georgian side, located about 500 meters to the West of the Georgian settlement of Prisi

21:00 – The result of sniper fire - 3 killed and more than 7 wounded. The shelling of Tskhinval continues.

21:15 - From the side of the Georgian settlements of Ergneti and Zemo-Nikozi on the southern outskirts of Tskhinval is firing from small arms of various calibers, grenade launchers.

21:37 - Georgia declared a sniper war on the Republic of South Ossetia and again attempted to unleash a large-scale war. Ukraine and the United States bear responsibility together with Georgia. Ukraine transferred 40 sniper weapons to Georgia, 120 units were transferred by the United States. The responsibility, together with Georgia, is also borne by those countries that support the pseudo-democratic image of Georgia, in every possible way avoiding an objective assessment of the situation, and misinforming the world community. The Ossetian side has so far refrained from retaliatory actions, but will not do so again.

21:46 - A mortar platoon of the Georgian Ministry of Defense is conducting a targeted shelling of the southern part of Tskhinval. The northern borders are also being shelled. The South Ossetian side opened fire back at the firing points.

23:21 - The massive shelling of Tskhinval continues. The command is negotiating a ceasefire with the Georgian side. At the moment, as a result of shelling of the Ossetian settlements, 6 citizens of the Republic of South Ossetia have died, 7 people were injured.

23:28 - It became known that another remote Ossetian village, of Satikar, was shelled by the Georgian side. At the moment, six people have been killed and seven injured.

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