Georgia's policy towards South Ossetia has always been and is false, - Bibilov

Thu, 18/03/2021 - 15:18

The atrocities committed by the Georgian fascists against the people of South Ossetia will remain in the memory of every citizen of the Republic, - said President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov at the mourning rally on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Ered tragedy.

Relatives and friends, the country's leadership, representatives of ministries and departments, and the public of the Republic came to honor the memory of those who were brutally killed by monsters in human guise. Despite the pouring rain, hundreds of residents of the Republic considered it their duty today to come and honor the memory of their killed compatriots.

The rally began with the oath of the growing generation - future defenders of the Fatherland - to be loyal to the Motherland, to be ready to always stand up for its defense, to be worthy of the memory of the heroes of South Ossetia who gave their lives for the independence of the Republic of South Ossetia. The memory of the victims of the tragedy was honored with a minute of silence, and a three-time volley from machine guns sounded.

The President noted that although this year it is the 30th anniversary of the Eredi tragedy, relatives have the opportunity to visit the graves of the brutally murdered guys only 28 years, and those who are not indifferent to the memory of the innocent victims who were directly affected by the genocide of the Ossetian people come to honor their memory.

“For two and a half years they were listed missing, and their relatives all these long months were silently crying and waiting, hoping to see them alive, even if crippled. But their hope turned out to be deceptive, false was and is the policy of Georgia towards South Ossetia,” Bibelot said.

The head of state added that this tragedy was followed by other heinous crimes against the South Ossetian people, including the Zar tragedy, and the events of 2008.

“All these tragic dates in the recent history of South Ossetia have become a continuation of the genocide of the Ossetian people, which they suffered at the beginning of the last century. If Valiko Dzhugeli and his associates had been duly punished then, we would not have had to endure the military aggression of 1990, 1992, 2004 and 2008. But the main mission of the Georgian nationalists has always been the complete destruction of the Ossetian people, so that the Ossetian speech and song no longer sounded in the southern part of Ossetia, national dances are not performed, etc. But, thank God for the strength, for the courageous Ossetian guys who defended their people from the external enemy with their breasts. The South Ossetian people have found so much strength not to kneel before the enemy, but to go to the end to achieve their goal, " the head of state said.

Anatoly Bibilov stressed that the events and consequences of the genocide were not forgotten, the people each person killed, those who died on the battlefield, giving their lives defending South Ossetia.

“Thank you, guys, - the younger generation, who have vowed to remember the genocide and atrocities of the Georgian regime against the South Ossetian people. Let us honor the memory of every defender of the Fatherland who has not survived to this day with a minute of silence,” the President asked. At the same time, a threefold volley was fired in memory of the victims.

He has added that all the guys whose memory was honored with a minute of silence were fighting for the independence of South Ossetia, for mutual understanding and peace in the Republic. “I believe that every politician, every person should think about unity, about the development of the Republic, about the welfare of the people. We have no room for error and fragmentation. Thank you for taking the time to come and honor the memory of the victims of the Ered tragedy,” Bibilov said.

The event continued with the laying of flowers and wreaths at the mass grave.

It should be reminded that 30 years ago, Georgian armed formations seized a Ural car near the village of Ered and dropped 25 Ossetians traveling through the territory that was controlled at that time by Georgian armed formations. The women and children were severely beaten, but released on the same day, and 12 men were imprisoned in the Georgian "headquarters". From that day on, they were listed missing. Only two and a half years later, thanks to anonymous sources, and for a certain amount, the place of their burial became known. At the same time, eyewitnesses began to speak. According to them, the guys were brutally tortured and then thrown alive into a ravine, doused with gasoline, set on fire and covered with earth, burying alive over the village of Ered near the quarry, and a road was drawn over the burial place in order to hide the tracks.

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