Dmitry Medoev: the state independence of South Ossetia is an irreversible reality

Thu, 26/08/2021 - 13:20

The recognition of the state independence of South Ossetia by the Russian Federation marked the end of the long-term stage of the struggle of our people for freedom and independence - the restoration of the statehood of Alania, said the Foreign Minister of the RSO Dmitry Medoev.

According to him, Ossetia will always be grateful for this historic decision to the leadership of Russia, to the entire people of the fraternal country for the support that the people of South Ossetia received in the difficult days of August 2008.

“Those were difficult decisions that required political courage, comprehensive analysis and balance. As President Putin rightly noted, those were difficult, but the only correct decisions that are irrevocable.

We bow our heads to the memory of the fallen and look to the future with confidence. Our task is to unite all efforts to build a sovereign, socially oriented state in close alliance with Russia,” he said.

The Minister has noted that the current state of bilateral South Ossetian-Russian relations is in positive dynamics.

"There can be no other way – the centuries-old joint history, the new geopolitical realities that have developed since 2008, as well as the mutual obligations of the parties oblige to this.. South Ossetia will never deviate from the chosen path! The state independence of South Ossetia is an irreversible reality! ”Medoev emphasized.

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