Indian strain of coronavirus is circulating in South Ossetia – the head of the South-Ossetian Consumer Supervision Committee

Thu, 23/09/2021 - 20:31

In South Ossetia, the Indian strain of the coronavirus is mainly circulating, Marina Kochieva, the Republic's chief sanitary doctor, said in an interview with the “Res” news agency.

According to her, in August the South-Ossetian Consumer Supervision Committee sent samples for laboratory tests to the Stavropol Anti-Plague Institute.

“Five samples were rejected, and the remaining 39 samples were found to contain the Indian Delta strain. We assumed so, but now we no longer have an assumption, but laboratory-confirmed information” Kochieva said.

As noted by the head of the department, this strain is the most aggressive, mainly young people and children fall ill.

"I would like that, realizing the seriousness of the situation, everyone not only monitors their health, but also takes care of their surroundings."

The chief sanitary doctor of South Ossetia appealed to the population of the Republic with a request to observe the mask regime, to avoid crowded places in order to reduce the risk of illness.

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