"We must overcome this ailment together": Bibilov called on residents of South Ossetia to be vaccinated

Mon, 18/10/2021 - 15:44

President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov called on residents of South Ossetia to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

"To date, 123 residents of South Ossetia have died from COVID-19, 85 of them are in the" red zone "of the South Ossetian medical center, the rest could not be saved in medical institutions outside the Republic, where they were transported in serious condition," Bibilov said. at the meeting of the operational headquarters on Monday.

According to him, "doctors are often powerless to save a patient with COVID-19, especially when this disease is accompanied by chronic diseases."

“Here we have no right to blame the doctors, I would blame ourselves more for the irresponsible attitude towards this virus. We have been talking a lot about making a vaccine. After all, the analysis shows that those who fall into the “red zone” with severe and moderate severity of COVID-19 were not vaccinated,” the head of state noted. “For some reason, we are deeply convinced that the coronavirus will bypass us. And this confidence contributes to the fact that we have an increase in morbidity and so many deaths. "

Anatoly Bibilov called on the population to take care of themselves and their relatives.

“To stop hoping for “maybe” is not a cure. This only aggravates the situation in the Republic. Why we are so irresponsible about vaccinations, I cannot understand. Today we have 139 patients in the "red zone", five of them are in serious condition. I ask what else needs to happen so that we understand that we need to get vaccinated,” the President said.

He drew attention to the fact that "there is no need to listen to any heresy in social networks."

“We do not listen to doctors, people who have saved tens of thousands of people, but we listen to those who do not understand where they get their information from, and do not bear any responsibility. This also applies to conjectures that the vaccine can somehow affect the demography. Once again, I urge everyone, do not wait when you get sick, get vaccinated, save yourself and your loved ones. We must overcome this ailment together, we have no other way and cannot be,” concluded the head of state.

The total number of detected cases of COVID-19 in South Ossetia today is 7,613, recovered - 5,772, deaths - 123.

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