The second batch of Russian coronavirus vaccine has been delivered to South Ossetia

Fri, 12/11/2021 - 09:36

The Russian vaccine against coronavirus infection in the amount of two thousand doses was delivered on Thursday evening to the medical center in South Ossetia. The drugs were accepted by the head of the outpatient medical center Tamara Sanakoeva.

The vaccine will be distributed among the vaccination points already on Friday morning.

As noted by the Minister of Health and Social Development Soslan Naniev in his interview with the IA “Res”, a batch of Sputnik-V vaccines (or another name - Gam-COVID-Vak) has been delivered to the Republic - this is the world's first two-component vaccine against coronavirus infection in the amount of 500 doses and “Sputnik-Light "- 1500 doses.

“I am calling on the population to be vaccinated, please come. Every day from 10 o'clock in the morning in the vaccination room of the polyclinic of the RMMC, you can consult a doctor and be vaccinated,” Naniev addressed his fellow citizens.

It should be noted that the first batch of the Russian vaccine in the amount of two thousand doses was delivered to South Ossetia in April this year, more than a thousand people were vaccinated against the coronavirus in the Republic.

Earlier it was reported that the Health Ministry had requested the vaccine in August, however, due to technical issues between the companies, the supply of the vaccine to the Republic was delayed. Also, for the vaccinated, it remains a problem to recognize certificates on the territory of Russia and assign a QR code through the State Services, the issue is being resolved by the government of the Republic.

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