The Day of Courage and National Unity is being celebrated in South Ossetia

Tue, 23/11/2021 - 19:01

The events dedicated to the Day of Courage and National Unity, the day of the beginning of the struggle of the people of South Ossetia for independence, were held at the Zguder Heights at the entrance to the capital of South Ossetia.

It was at this place 32 years ago that a group of South Ossetian guys stopped the Georgian fascists who were trying to break through to Tskhinval, as it was announced "with the aim of holding a rally." The young guys, holding hands, blocked the road and did not let the 40,000-strong column to enter the city. The unarmed Ossetian guys demonstrated real heroism, this day will remain in the people's memory, in history, and the feat of the defenders of the city was the first moral victory over the Georgian aggressor.

We were patronized by Saint Uastyrdzhi

The event began with the laying of flowers at the memorial stone, which was installed at this place several years ago. Representatives of the state leadership headed by President Anatoly Bibilov, Russian Ambassador to South Ossetia Marat Kulakhmetov, representatives of the Republic's public came to recall the events of 32 years ago and once again pay tribute to the heroism of the young South Ossetian guys.

The meeting was opened by Deputy Minister of Culture Philip Kadzhaev. He reminded that in South Ossetia these days is being celebrated Dzhiuaergoba, is being honored Saint George, who has always patronized the Ossetians.

“These days are holy for our people, defending our homeland, the Almighty has always helped us, the saints, the temple of St. George is right above us. I think Saint Uastyrdzhi helped our people and did not let the enemy pass to Tskhinvali,” he reminded.

According to him, November 23 became the countdown in the modern history of South Ossetia. The Deputy Minister of Culture dwelt in detail on the events that preceded this day, expressed gratitude to the young guys who did not let the enemy through and defended the Republic.

“Initially, there were only ten of them, but almost the entire republic joined them. We are the older generation, we remember this day very well, and it is necessary to tell our descendants about the cost of independence. Today we live in the Republic recognized by Russia and a number of other states. Russia provides us with all-round assistance and support, and in the person of Marat Minyurovich, I would like to thank the great Russia,” Kadzhaev explained.

He has added that due to the coronavirus pandemic, few people are attending the event.

Our strength is in unity

The Head of State Anatoly Bibilov has noted that November 23 is a holiday associated with the feat of the South Ossetian guys. “These guys blocked the path of the crowd of thousands of protesters. The heroism of the guys can hardly be overestimated, they showed courage and inexhaustible willpower that day. Today we say "thank you" to the guys who demonstrated unity and courage. They showed their love for the people and the Republic. I would like to note that today's defenders of the Fatherland have a great love for the Motherland, and they have the same heroism,” the President said.

Bibilov believes that today the main thing for our people is unity, it is necessary to stand next to each other and jointly solve all the issues and problems. “Only then will we be able to develop, go forward strong and courageous. It is our duty to preserve and continue the solidarity, the unity that the South Ossetian guys demonstrated on November 23, 1989. We must make every effort to develop our people in all areas. And we can achieve this only by uniting,” the President stressed.

The head of state has explained that unity should not be in words, but must be shown in practice. “Each of us must demonstrate willpower, courage, heroism, so that the future is beautiful. Today is a great holiday, the day of St. Uastyrdzhi. And God forbid, prosperity to our people, achievement of the set goals, development and prosperity,” Anatoly Bibilov wished.

Anatoly Gagloev spoke at the rally on behalf of the participants in the 32-year-old confrontation.

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