Let tragedies happen only on the stage: the premiere of a play about the genocide took place in Tskhinval

Fri, 21/01/2022 - 17:16

"The Last Witness" - the long-awaited premiere about the genocide of the Ossetian people took place on Thursday evening on the stage of the State Drama Theater of South Ossetia in the presence of a crowded hall, representatives of the leadership of the south and north of Ossetia, the Russian Embassy in the Republic.

Three and a half hours passed in an instant thanks to the impeccable directorial work of Tamerlan Dzudtsov, the heartfelt plot created by the writer Alan Ostaev, the music of the well-known composer Murat Pliev, permeated with deep tragedy, replete with ethnic motives, and, of course, the brilliant play of the actors.

Without a doubt, the viewer was convinced, which was confirmed by goosebumps, tears in the eyes, excitement, sadness, pain and compassion that were read in the eyes.

“I am ready for a flurry of criticism,” the director of the production said on the eve of the premiere, but the audience in response was not so predictable: a storm of ovation and applause, rave reviews of theatergoers confirmed the opposite: the performance was a success.

The events of the 1920s, when the Ossetian people were subjected to genocide by the Georgian guards: destitute refugees, people subjected to bullying, brutal murders of civilians, instantly came to life on the stage, plunging the audience into the history of their people, the memory of which is painful and unforgettable ...

No, this was far from the class struggle of the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks, as it was presented in Soviet times. The story of the "last witness", written on the basis of documentary sources and embodied on the South Ossetian stage, shatters all stereotypes and exposes indisputable facts.

Georgian punishers under the leadership of Valiko Dzhugeli and Georgy Kvinikadze are depicted with all their hatred for Ossetians.

The viewer sees the strength of spirit and nobility in the person of famous historical figures in Ossetia - Mate Sanakoev, Ruten Gagloev, Midt Khasiev, Andri Dzhioev, 13 communards, etc.

The director's work moves the audience into the atmosphere of death and violence, the atrocities committed by the Georgian monsters in 1920.

It is impossible not to empathize with the mothers, in front of whom their children are being killed, women who, in the harshest conditions, overcome the Ruck Pass, and throw their children from the slope when they meet Georgian punishers so that they do not fall into their hands and then rush after them.

Special effects and scenery, against which the action unfolds, deserve special attention.

At the end of the performance, the director, actors and all those involved in the production received three baskets of flowers from the President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov, the Russian Ambassador to the Republic Marat Kulakhmetov and the Speaker of the Parliament of North Ossetia-Alania Alexei Machnev as a compliment.

As noted by Anatoly Bibilov, what is happening on the stage left no one indifferent.

"It was one of the most, if not the most tragic page in the history of our people. I think every Ossetian should read the magnificent work of Alan Ostaev. Many thanks to the director for bringing it to life on stage, he did a great job by staging a performance in which play 70 people," the President said, also expressing gratitude for the excellent performance to the actors of the South Ossetian State Drama Theater, as well as the Ossetian and Digor theaters of North Ossetia.

The head of state also expressed his gratitude to the students of the acting department of the South Ossetia State University, to the technical staff of the theater, to everyone who took part in the preparation of the production.

"I am glad that there are so many spectators in the hall, this indicates that they appreciate the work of our wonderful artists who are trying for all of us and, indeed, deserve the highest praise. We must understand that our theater is a temple of culture, which we must visit with pleasure," he stressed.

The President added that the production, presented to the audience, once again showed the unity of the Ossetian people.

"I think this is the unity of Ossetia. It was said in the play that we do not have the south and north of Ossetia, we have one Ossetia. And this, indeed, is true. This is what we have been striving for since our people was divided into two parts.

Thus, there was no genocide of the South Ossetians, it was the genocide of the entire Ossetian people. And no one has the right to encroach on our unity, we must cherish it like the apple of our eye," Bibilov said.

Marat Kulakhmetov, in turn, also praised the performance, calling it a masterpiece.

"This is the result of a long, painstaking inner work of the director and all those who were involved in the production. This is the excellent work of the artists. Today we are sure that our theater has conquered another peak, and this performance will be included in the golden chronicle of the South Ossetian State Theater," the Ambassador noted.

Alexey Machnev, for his part, added that it was difficult for him to speak after what he saw on stage.

Alexey Machnev, for his part, added that it was difficult for him to speak after what he had seen on the stage.

"We are overwhelmed with emotions ... We followed the magnificent work of the artists; the plot was very difficult. I want to express my gratitude to the director and all the participants in the performance for the emotions that we experienced. Thank you! May there always be peace in Ossetia, and there will be tragedy only on the stage of the theatre," said the Chairman of the Parliament.

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