The judicial body had no reason to assume that the political issues of the referendum could be left undeveloped - Olesya Kochieva

Tue, 21/06/2022 - 16:29

The judicial act on holding the referendum was issued strictly in accordance with our current legislation, Olesya Kochiyeva, Chairwoman of the South Ossetian Supreme Court, said at the press conference in Tskhinval, following the consultations between the South Ossetian delegation and officials in Russia.

According to her, the Presidium of the Supreme Court made a unanimous decision on this issue.

“We also had questions about the wording of the question of the referendum on joining Russia, but the court had more than 4,000 signatures, and this wording sounded clearly in each signature sheet,” Kochieva said.

She has noted that, in addition, the action group was represented by absolutely authoritative persons of the Republic.

“And the subscription lists were signed by the first persons of the state, who headed the Republic in various periods,” Kochieva has specified. “In this regard, the judicial body did not and could not have reason to assume that the political issues, which, of course, stand behind any referendum, could be underdeveloped, undiscussed, unverified.”

The Chairman of the Supreme Court has emphasized that, in accordance with the constitution of the Republic of South Ossetia, it can unite with other states, create union states and transfer part of its powers.

“We give an opinion on the legislation of our state, at the same time we pay attention to the legislation of the Russian Federation, but we cannot interpret these norms and talk about them in our judicial act,” she clarified. “And it is precisely the positions of our legislation that give us reason to believe that our decisions were absolutely correct, but the undercurrents and pitfalls that are of a political nature were not and could not be known to us.”

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