South Ossetia and Russia signed an agreement on promoting the socio-economic development of the Republic

Thu, 04/08/2022 - 17:44

In Moscow, on August 4, an Agreement was signed between Russia and South Ossetia on promoting the implementation of the State Program for the Socio-Economic Development of the Republic of South Ossetia for 2022-2025, the press service of the government reports.

For the South Ossetian part, the document was signed by Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Economic Development Dzambolat Tadtaev, for the Russian part - Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov.

After the signing ceremony, a press approach took place, during which Maxim Reshetnikov has noted that Russia has been helping South Ossetia, first of all, in resolving social issues.

“We have signed a new agreement, which is based not only on the solution of individual tasks, but on a comprehensive, systematic approach based on the state development program. And it is very important that a set of measures aimed specifically at economic development and business support has been added. We expect that on the basis of these agreements, we will continue to strengthen the economic basis of the Republic, help increase our own income, so that the Republic can be developing independently and sustainably,” he said.

Dzambolat Tadtaev, in turn, noted the importance of signing the Agreement, and thanked the Russian side for their unwavering support.

“For the Republic of South Ossetia, this is another step towards integration with its strategic partner, the Russian Federation. Today, a very important document was signed, which will give impetus to the development of almost all aspects of the life of the Republic: the socio-economic sphere, entrepreneurship, the wage system, agriculture, tourism and others. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank the Russian side, our esteemed colleagues for their all-round assistance in the development of the Republic, regular methodological support,” Dzambolat Tadtaev has emphasized.

The signed Agreement provides for the provision by Russia of gratuitous financial assistance to South Ossetia in the development of economic sectors, including co-financing of a phased increase in the wages of employees of state and municipal institutions, government bodies, an increase in the material and technical support of internal affairs bodies, monetary allowances and social guarantees for police officers Republic of South Ossetia, ensuring the activities of the joint ICC of the Department of Internal Affairs of Russia and South Ossetia.

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