The stars of the South and North of Ossetia performed a concert in support of the participants of the special military operation

Thu, 11/08/2022 - 13:07

The day before, a charity concert was held in the Chermen Concert Hall in Tskhinval in support of the participants in the Russian special military operation in Ukraine.

Patriotic songs were performed by the artists from the South and North of Ossetia: Albert Laliev, Milena Ikaeva, Igor Taso, Ibragim Dzhioev, Oksana Dzhelieva, Madina Zangieva, Leri Margiev and others. Words of support were heard from the stage addressed to the guys who are in the Donbass. The performers expressed hope for the speedy completion of the special operation and the return of each participant home safe and sound.

A singer Albert Laliev performed his new song dedicated to the Ossetian fighter, his friend Radislav Khugaev, killed during the special military operation, and noted that many Ossetian guys perished heroically on the battlefield.

“Unfortunately, many of our gave their lives during the special military operation. And to this day, many Ossetian guys are there. I hope they will return home soon,” Laliev said.

A Singer from North Ossetia Oksana Dzhelieva also wished the fighters a speedy return home.

“May peace come around the world faster, and may each participant in the military operation return home healthy,” she said.

The charity concert was attended by the leadership of the Republic, headed by President Alant Gagloev. The President thanked the artists for the idea of ​​holding a concert, noting that any support is now important to the participants in the special military operation.

“Thank you very much for your concert. It carries a great patriotic meaning. Thanks to everyone who came and supported the today's event. I am sure that many who are in the hall today have relatives and friends participating in Russia's special military operation.

These days, 14 years ago, blood was shedding on our land, there were still casualties among the population. No one believed that after Russia's recognition of the independence of South Ossetia, we would again need to take up arms, but today our heroes again went to the battlefield when they were called by the Motherland.

They decided to exterminate Nazism there, so that the enemy would not reach our house, so that there would be peace on the Ossetian land. Victory will definitely be ours, Russia, Ossetia and everyone who today stands shoulder to shoulder in this struggle,” the President said.

Residents of the Republic also expressed the words of support to the participants in the military operation.

“Our guys are fighting against the enemy and the only way we can support them is with such concerts and our prayers,” said Larisa, a resident of Tskhinval.

Another resident Emma has noted that such concerts not only support the guys, but also unite the people, so it is the duty of every resident of the Republic to attend them.

The idea to hold a charity concert appeared in the first days of the start of the special operation, when fighters from South Ossetia went to Ukraine for the first time. The event was initiated by South Ossetian singer Albert Laliev.

All funds raised from the sale of tickets will be used to assist the military personnel participating in the special operation.

Artists from South and North Ossetia took part in the concert. On Thursday the concert will take place in Vladikavkaz.

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