15 years of diplomatic relations: foreign ministers of South Ossetia and Russia exchanged congratulatory messages

Sun, 10/09/2023 - 07:57

Ministers of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia and Russia Akhsar Dzhioev and Sergei Lavrov exchanged congratulatory messages on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the press service of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of South Ossetia reports.

Akhsar Dzhioev noted in his message that “the date September 9, 2008 is among the most significant events in the centuries-old history of the South Ossetian-Russian relations.”

“The exchange of notes on the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries, which followed the historic decision of the leadership of the Russian Federation to recognize the independence of the Republic of South Ossetia, marked the beginning of official contacts between the two states on the basis of international law and returned to the South Ossetian people faith in justice, hope for peace and a safe life ", said Dzhioev.

According to him, over the past years, the coordinated activity of the foreign policy institutions of our countries, which is an indicator of the prospects for interstate cooperation, has certainly brought very positive results.

“The active work of the Russian and South Ossetian diplomats to strengthen interaction in the sphere of economics, social policy, education and security is best evidenced by a solid legal framework that emphasizes the special allied nature of bilateral relations and the unity of approaches on the issues of the international and regional agenda,” the Minister has noted

He has added that South Ossetia is sincerely grateful to the Russian Federation for all possible assistance to our country, promoting its position in the international arena, maintaining peace and stability in the Caucasus.

“Your personal contribution to the process of strengthening bilateral interstate relations and supporting the activities of the South Ossetian Foreign Ministry at all levels of international communication is invaluable,” Dzhioev has emphasized.

He has noted that he is firmly convinced that the existing good, constructive relations between the foreign ministries of the two countries will continue to contribute to the expansion and deepening of the South Ossetian-Russian strategic partnership and the intensification of integration processes for the benefit of our countries.

On Saturday, Charge d'Affaires of Russia in South Ossetia Alexander Zhurov read out Sergei Lavrov's congratulations to Akhsar Dzhioev.

“Russia’s recognition of the independence of South Ossetia became the most important historical event, which summed up the logical outcome of the long-term struggle of the South Ossetian people for their freedom, for the right to peaceful and dignified life.

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