The multi-thousand Georgia's intimidation campaign to “bring to reason” the recalcitrant Ossetians failed - MFA

Thu, 23/11/2023 - 12:24

November 23, 1989 is a special date in the modern history of the Fatherland, symbolizing the unparalleled courage and unity of the people. On this day in 1989, Georgian nationalists organized the multi - thousand campaign to Tskhinval in order to “bring to reason” the recalcitrant Ossetians, the information message of the South Ossetian Foreign Ministry says.

In South Ossetia, November 23 marks the 34th anniversary of the beginning of the struggle of the South Ossetian people for freedom, for the right to live on their land.

Contrary to expectations, the Foreign Ministry has noted, the alleged intimidation campaign failed.

“On the contrary, it caused the rise in national consciousness. The people rallied in the face of mortal threat and managed to defend their right to self-determination. Today we are paying tribute to the memory and respect of the fallen heroes, honoring the living patriots and defenders of their Motherland, thanks to whom South Ossetia is successfully developing as a sovereign state, confidently defending its national interests,” the message reads.

The Foreign Ministry has reminded, that this date which became a symbol of the consolidation of the people of South Ossetia in the fight against the Georgian fascism, was declared the Day of Courage and National Unity by the decree of President of the Republic of South Ossetia on November 23, 2010.

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