Large-scale projects: Chairman of the Women's League spoke about the work of the public organization

Thu, 15/02/2024 - 18:55

The South Ossetian public organization “Women’s League” is working on two large-scale projects, said Chairman of the organization, Zhanna Zasseeva, during the Moscow-Minsk-Sukhum-Tskhinval teleconference.

“If we can implement the project, then we will have a special archive, where, since 1749, there will be information from other archives about those who served Russia faithfully. The second project concerns family traditions. We have the Alan Code of Honor. We propose that the Ministry of Education take it and, in the format of an extracurricular lesson or other public event, convey its canons to schoolchildren,” Zasseeva said.

According to her, this pilot project was implementing in one of the kindergartens and had a positive effect.

Zasseeva has shared that today, together with the public movement “Immortal Regiment,” the organization is implementing many events.

“During the Great Patriotic War we had more than 7,000 missing in action. To date, we have found 1519 of them. Then the war started in August 2008 and we again have missing people. Now the special military operation is underway and every day we are close to those who lost their sons,” the Chairman said.

Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of the Russian Language Department of the South Ossetian State University Elisa Gagloeva told the participants of the teleconference about the role of women in modern Ossetian society. In her speech, she has aksi noted that the events taking place in the world, in particular in the Middle East, do not leave anyone indifferent.

“We cannot calmly watch this, so I think it is necessary to unite all our efforts and develop a unified program of action to promote the development of peaceful dialogue and the preservation of national, family values and traditions. I think that our efforts should be crowned with success,” Gagloeva said.

She also noted the need for South Ossetia to participate in the international women's forums, having emphasized that the Republic is open to dialogue in order to contribute to the development of world.

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