The West, using proven technologies, is once again implementing the “anti-Russia” project in Ukraine

Fri, 16/02/2024 - 19:16

Ukraine has been turned into cannon fodder in the interests of some external players, geopolitical centers who are only interested in causing damage to Russia, the head of the information and analytical department said during the Sukhum-Tskhinvali-Donetsk video conference on the topic “10 years of the coup in Ukraine: prerequisites and consequences” President of South Ossetia, political scientist Yuri Vazagov.
“It is difficult to say whether a similar scenario could have been avoided in Ukraine, since initially all these processes were controlled from abroad. The goal was to prevent the strengthening of Russia,” Vazagov noted.

The South Ossetian political scientist reminded the reaction of the West to Vladimir Putin’s proclamation after the 2012 presidential elections on the formation of the Eurasian Union.

“Panic began and accusations began that he was going to recreate the Soviet Union. We also remember Hillary Clinton's eloquent promise that America would do everything possible to prevent the re-creation of the Soviet Union," he said.
Yuri Vazagov has emphasized that the blow was struck at the weakest link, which turned out to be Ukraine.
“We also remember very well the repeated attempts from the inside to ruin the situation in Belarus with the help of color technologies, and to bring a pro-Western government to power. The authorities there turned out to be more effective and responsible. Unfortunately, all these factors were absent in Ukraine,” Vazagov noted.

According to him, all these processes were launched even before the Orange Revolution.
“For many years, as it later became known to the general public, combat units were being formed, radical nationalist groups were being trained, which later grew into such Nazi units as Azov and many others,” the political scientist said.
The head of the information and analytical department has noted that the West, with the help of proven technologies, is again implementing the “anti-Russia” project.

“Before this, a similar project was implemented in the Caucasus. Then Georgia was chosen as a military-political springboard. There, certain transformations were carried out in the society to turn it into a kind of beacon of democracy. Through Georgia there was an attempt to influence the entire Caucasus - Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the North Caucasus. Georgia, due to its scale, could not have such a serious impact on the processes in the countries of the post-Soviet space,” he has clarified.
According to Yuri Vazagov, Mikheil Saakashvili’s adventurism led to the fact that he tried to solve the problems with South Ossetia and Abkhazia by force and failed.

“After 2008, Georgia’s western project suffered serious damage and has gone downhill since then. The events in Ukraine in 2014 are the launch of a similar project, but on a more serious scale, in a grandiose design,” the South Ossetian political scientist said.
Vazagov has emphasized that anti-Russian sentiments have not gone away in Georgia.

“Those shouts and rallies that happen against Russian tourists, all these statements from Zurabishvili that it is unpleasant for her to hear Russian speech and much more indicate that all this provincial fascism is still firmly entrenched in Georgia. The only difference is that the current authorities remember well the lessons of 2008 and do not want to be in Saakashvili’s place,” the expert said.

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