Deputies of the Supreme Council, having adopted the Act of Proclamation of Independence, showed genuine civic courage - Gagloev

Wed, 29/05/2024 - 18:09

A decision of historical scale, and this is exactly what the adoption of the Act of State Independence was in the conditions of that time, is impossible without people taking upon themselves the fullness, the entire burden of responsibility.

This was stated in the speech of President Alan Gagloev at the ceremonial meeting dedicated to the 32nd anniversary of the adoption of the Act of Proclamation of Independence of South Ossetia.

South Ossetia on Wednesday is marking one of the most important historical dates for the history of the country. 32 years ago, deputies of the Supreme Council of the Republic, chaired by Torez Kulumbegov, unanimously supported the resolution on the adoption of the Act of Declaration of Independence.

Alan Gagloev has noted that in the situation where there was literally a question of whether South Ossetia should be or not, the deputies of the Supreme Council of the Republic showed genuine civic courage, dedication, and firm determination to defend the will of the people to freedom to the end.

“The Supreme Council adopted the necessary acts to substantiate the right of the people of South Ossetia to self-determination and legitimate self-defense, there were formed and strengthened the legal foundations of statehood. The adoption of the Act of Proclamation of State Independence finally formalized the creation of the independent state - the Republic of South Ossetia, which became the most important turning point in the modern history of the country,” the President has emphasized.

According to him, South Ossetia exercised its right to self-determination, making its choice in favor of independence and independent development, although the Republic still had a long and difficult road to go before the recognition.

Gagloev has also reminded that after the declaration of independence of South Ossetia, the severity of the Georgian attacks increased sharply.

“Despite the courage, resilience and dedication of the defenders of our Fatherland, the inequality of forces was increasingly manifested. However, the determination, readiness to defend their right to freedom and the ability of the people for self-organization, state building and political development created the prerequisites and opportunities for establishing and developing foreign policy contacts, disseminating reliable information about the atrocities committed by the Georgian militants against Ossetians, about the situation in South Ossetia, about the formation of statehood and the just struggle of our people,” the head of state said.

He has noted that contacts with Russia were developing first of all, in which the people of Ossetia have always seen the center of gravity and a stronghold of peace in the Caucasus region.

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