A trip to the hippodrome was organized for children from the families of the missing persons

Sun, 16/06/2024 - 22:07

Today, the International Committee of the Red Cross, together with the Commissioner for Human Rights, together with the Association of Families of the Missing Persons, organized a trip for 15 children from the families of the missing persons to a private hippodrome in the village of Satskhenet. This is reported by the ICRC press service.

“This is the third such trip,” Lidiya Kudzieva, head of the Association, said. "Both children and adults really like this kind of pastime together."

According to her, the children have the opportunity to try their hand at horse riding under the supervision of the instructor, and afterward treats are waiting for them – a small picnic.

“The initiative was proposed by the families themselves, and we, in turn, with the assistance of the ICRC, always try to provide support, because such joint events are the opportunity to feel community,” Human Rights Commissioner Inal Tasoev, said.

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