Mon, 07/08/2006 - 17:02

On August 5 during the monitoring in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone, carried out by the OSCE Mission Observers, were found out trenches near the Ossetian village Tbet. When the Mission Observers tried to have a closer look at the trenches, they were stopped by the residents of the village. On this occasion the OSCE representatives made a protocol and complained on the conduct of population that allegedly restricted their freedom of movement in the conflict zone. Analyzing this and the other similar facts, it should be noted that the OSCE mission does not take into account the existing threat from Georgia to start military operations against South Ossetia, which is confirmed by the warlike declarations of the Georgian leadership as well as by the practical steps to strengthen the Georgian army. For the last 5 years the military budget of Georgia increased 5 times, Georgia is a world leader in militarization. Therefore, it should not surprise that the residents of South Ossetia are digging trenches and are getting prepared for defense. Talking about the activities of the OSCE, it is possible to say that this organization is not able to guarantee that the military operations will not be renewed. During the recent aggravation of the situation in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone, the OSCE representatives could in the best case certify facts of violation by the Georgian side the existing agreements. How are expected the residents of village Tbet understand the logic of the OSCE Observers that are unhappy with the trenches, which are being dug by the people out of common desire to protect their houses and families? Or the OSCE officials do not understand that in case of war, residents of South Ossetia will be left alone with the Georgian army and no agreements, understandings and protocols will be able to protect them better than trenches.

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