Boris Chochiev: «Mikhail Saakashvili shows his plans concerning South Ossetia Republic»

Mon, 09/04/2007 - 10:24

«Mikhail Saakashvili shows his political cards and plans concerning South Ossetia Republic». The correspondent of the agency «Res» was informed about it by the Co-chairman of JCC from the south-ossetian side Boris Chochiev, making comments on the statement of the president of Georgia on creation of a temporary administrative unit in South Ossetia.
«The culmination of the three-year political tricks is the destruction of the existing negotiating process. Particularly the replacement of Russia from it. Georgia also searches for an occasion to charge South Ossetia in non-constructivity, thus Russia is declared as an inefficient intermediary in the negotiating process. As a result Georgia as though justifies the ultimate goal of its actions - the power action», Boris Chochiev has told.
He has also added that the western technologists did not try in vain. Mikhail Saakashvili operates with refined undermining methods, to which they are so long and persistently taught.
«Particularly his plan consists now in kindling a civil war. That is done so: Dmitriy Sanakoev is recognized, he is armed with the subsequent kindling of military actions. Then Georgia formally addresses the international community for the sanction to interfere with the situation, naturally receives it and so on», Boris Chochiev has noted

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