The Georgian clergy accompanies Dmitriy Sanakoev

Wed, 11/04/2007 - 10:00

The Georgian management continues delegating its representatives on the performance under the name of a «temporary administration of Kurta collective farm». This time the supreme ecclesiastics of Georgia led by the Catholicos Ilya II take part in the representation. According to the available information, the arrived are going to take part in the foundation laying of the nunnery. The given action is carried out within the limits of realization of the policy on the actual registration of the Kurta government led by Dmitriy Sanakoev in the Georgian legal field.
Ilya II is known for his extremely nationalist outlook. What costs his extreme order of 1990, in which any murderer of the Georgian, irrespective of the fault or innocence of the killed, was declared the enemy of the Georgian people with all the consequences following. By such decrees the Georgian patriarch supported the provincial fascism, implanted by Zviad Gamsakhurdia at that time. The canonization of the latter testifies that the spiritual and the secular authorities of Georgia still adhere to the same principles of chauvinism and national impatience that Gamsakhurdia professed.

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