Eduard Kokoyty: «The mass media should be exact and impartial»

Wed, 23/05/2007 - 09:30

The problems, facing today the mass-media of South Ossetia Republic, have become the point of issue at the meeting of the President of South Ossetia Republic Eduard Kokoyty with the management of the State committee on information and press, the editors of the state mass media and the state broadcasting company «Ir».
In the course of the meeting it has been noted, that in conditions of constant information aggression from Georgia that has a wide arsenal of opportunities and uses them for disinformation of the Georgian public and the world community, the main task of the journalists is the objective representation of reality.
Summing up the meeting, the President of South Ossetia Republic has noted that the state mass media should be exact and impartial.
«It is necessary a consecutive and reasoned approach to information in our republic, to its aspirations, problems and achievements. One of the attributes of a democratic society is the presence of independent mass-media, and we have them in our republic. Certainly, there are defects but we also should apply a maximum of efforts to their elimination», Eduard Kokoyty has told.

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