The 27-years old Felix Gagiev is brutally beaten in Avnevi

Tue, 31/07/2007 - 11:26

The 27-years old inhabitant of an ossetian village Dzagina of Znaur region of RSO Felix Gagiev has been brutally beaten in the georgian-populated village Avnevi. As the correspondent of the agency " Res " has been informed at the resuscitation unit of the Republican somatic hospital, the condition of Gagiev is estimated as extremely grave, he has serious head injuries and practically of all the vital organs.
To the words of the victim"s mother, Felix Gagiev was going from Tskhinval to his native village through Avnevi, where he has been beaten by the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.
The operatively-investigatory group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RSO has driven over to the place of the incident.

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