Is the march of a "yellow" column on the town of Tskhinval postponed?

Mon, 24/09/2007 - 16:54

«The yellow march » on Tskhinval, which in Georgia was prepared for failure of the VIth congress of the ossetian people, did not take place. The preparation was conducted thoroughly. Yellow T-shirts and baseball caps with corresponding symbolism, stocks of posters and flags have already been prepared. The march columns, formed from the tested fighters of «Kmara», have rehearsed the scansion of slogans in ossetian, worked through the break of the militia cordon and the clash with the counter demonstrations, but at the last moment the order on performance did not arrive.
The georgian side has rigidly heeded the sounded cautions of Tskhinval and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has beaten a retreat. The accompanying comments concerning the refusal of the intended plans, made public by the representatives of «the yellow camp » in the village of Kurta, have sounded extremely unpersuasively and with rather expressive slips of the tongue.
However to speak, that in Tbilisi they have refused the idea to organize a march of a yellow column, is premature. The order is made, the money is paid and mastered, and they should be worked through somehow. So, most likely, that the "yellow" will still try to declare that they are kept not for nothing.

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