Eduard Kokoity: “We will continue to strengthen our statehood using our invaluable experience”

Tue, 05/02/2008 - 11:31

President of RSO Eduard Kokoity met the heads of Ministries, departments, heads of administrations and districts of Republic.
In the beginning of the meeting Eduard Kokoity thanked Republic road services which operatively coped with road clearing in highlands in difficult weather conditions.
The Head of the State also emphasized the work undertaking by the Committee of State Control and Economic Security jointly with other departments.
“I apply to the Heads of Internal Ministry, Ministry of Defense and Extraordinary Situations and the State Security Committee to hold discipline and administrative monitoring in your departments in near future. There are some facts indicated infractions in your departments. And notwithstanding the fact that the level of corruption in South Ossetia is not high, it should be eradicated without delay. Thus we struggle with corruption not in words but in deeds. There mustn’t be irreplaceable persons in these departments” said the President. He added “I ask you to have an unbiased approach to everyone beginning from an ordinary man to your deputies”.
Eduard Kokoity also paid attention to the need of more operational and objective lighting of ongoing in the Republic processes.
Further on the President informed the participants on the range of serious readjustments in the Government and made first appointments public. In conclusion Eduard Kokoity said “we will continue to strengthen our statehood using our invaluable experience”.

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