Mikhail Mindzaev: “Georgian mass media are disseminating anti-ossetian materials without fail”

Tue, 12/02/2008 - 18:06

“Georgian mass media are waging an information war against Republic of South Ossetia accusing us in all negative phenomena in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone and beyond it”- IA “Res” correspondent was informed by the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia Mikhail Mindzaev, while commenting a TV “Mze” article published on Russian IA “Rosbalt”: “The Russian Public Prosecutor’s Office may detain Eduard Kokoity”.
According to Mikhail Mindzaev there is no auditing in RSO presently but indeed an arrival of Russian commission is expected. “They are not auditors but a regular commission who are visiting RSO to control allocated by Russia funds within the framework of donor program on economic rehabilitation of Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone and they haven’t any questions yet”-emphasized the Head of MIA.
“We are conducting routine operational work in Republic focused on the struggle with the corruption or to be more exact prevention of the corruption activity. The initiator of intensification of this course is the President of RSO himself”- said Mikhail Mindzaev. He also stressed that one of directions of anti-ossetian policy of Georgia is supplying of their mass media with the materials on discrediting of RSO Government. “Just right in the context of this activity the television channel “Mze” broadcasted the issue. The argument of the issue is out of sense and is not worth commenting like the mud throwing at Ossetians by the Georgian mass media”.
“As to the question of democracy in Georgia, there is a need to mention that all Georgian mass media are disseminating anti-ossetian materials without fail”concluded Mikhail Mindzaev.

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