Irina Gagloeva: «Protection of territorial integrity of states perpetrating genocide is no doubt criminous»

Thu, 21/02/2008 - 15:51

«US at last gave a go ahead and Kosovo issue became almost primary in the world policy, perhaps averting everybody from more significant problems»-stated to IA “Res” correspondent the Chairperson of State Committee for information and press of the Republic of South Ossetia Irina Gagloeva while commenting the situation over Kosovo and US actions in this regard. She said that declaration of Kosovo’s independence and its recognition by a number of Western and Moslem states eventuate in rather strange form: «biased, with infraction of international norms and plain ignorance and, what is most important warning of inadmissibility of such scenario for other nations».
«At that doesn’t matter what are the political and historical preconditions of other nations who proclaimed their independence much earlier and proved its ability in state-building. I mean first of all South Ossetia and Abkhazia although the number of similar states is much larger. One would say it is high time for «democrats» to turn the problem of self-determined states into constructive way. But yet there are no signs of this. Although there are a great number of different comments, for development of events is of interest to everyone. The comments differs subject to political interests, but what is common is a stubborn unwillingness to see objectivity, inevitability and progressive development of new states for every of them created by virtue of certain political situation and based upon historical logic»-said Irina Gagloeva.
«By recognition of Kosovo US shoed once again who is the «master of the world». But in spite of super power of «big actor» and limited political, informational capabilities of unrecognized countries (artificially restricted by the high and mighty) it is too early to celebrate a victory. Protection of territorial integrity of states perpetrating genocide is no doubt criminous, moreover if it is done through absolutely inappropriate towards, say, South Ossetia reiteration of the principal of territorial integrity. Every nation has a right to independence and a right to struggle for it. The boundaries created by force and annexation are not long-lived. Expert politicians for fear of aggravating relations with Georgia and trying to please western funds so generously financing their projects those politicians should be more concrete in identifying problems and ways of their solution. So far, one thing is clear. For fear of the USA they fail to search peaceful solutions while reality requires an onward development of the international law. The self determined states are lacking recourses and there is just a slight hope for the existence of unbiased political forces in the world»-Irina Gagloeva stated.

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