Destructive activity of illegal Georgian posts in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone

Fri, 22/02/2008 - 16:36

The activity of 18 illegal Georgian Internal Ministry posts serves as a permanent source of destabilization within the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone. This number is changing subject to the ongoing situation and during the aggravation of tension the number of posts and personnel is considerably increasing.
It is necessary to note that establishment of posts within the conflict zone, both peacekeeping and law-enforcement should be agreed at the JCC meetings. Although signed by the JCC Georgian co-chairpersons, Georgian side entirely ignoring this provision. The activity of policemen at these posts stands far from their legal duties. Free movement of Ossetians is restricted practically at every illegal Georgian checkpoint. The most notable examples are police posts at Avnevi and Ergneti located on the leading to Ossetian villages roads, where Ossetian passengers passes through the rough examination. The policemen seize their belongings and food staffs, xerox their documents and beat everybody who expresses discontent. Ossetian settlements, including Tskhinval more than once have been shelled from the Ergneti post and at the Avnevi post inhabitant of Dzagina village Feliks Gagiev was beaten to death in 2007. To avoid brutal treatment Ossetians has to use a bypass road. For the same reason is closed Kekhvi-Tamarasheni sector of TransKam, what was a reason for construction of the Zar bypass road. Nevertheless Georgian side as a condition for resumption of the negotiation process within JCC format stipulates establishment of their post at the Gufta village to control Zar bypass road, what is unacceptable for RSO. It is worth noting that the conduct of Georgian policemen is caused by the direct instructions from Tbilisi, so the problem of illegal posts should be solved within the context of the overall shift of Georgian political tack towards peaceful settlement of conflict. If represented in Georgia international organizations, including OSCE could exert influence on Tbilisi to adhere to signed agreements it could significantly reduce the level of tension in the zone of conflict. Below is attached a list of illicit Georgian posts submitted to IA “Res” by South Ossetian part of JCC.
1. Two posts in Avnevi – 10 people.
2. Bershueti post – 4 people.
3. Vanati post – 2 people.
4. Four posts in Dvani – 60 people.
5. Disevi – 4 people.
6. Ergneti – 15 people.
7. Zemo-Nicozi – 7 people.
8. Kvemo-Nicozi – 10 people.
9. Kekhvi – 6 people.
10. Ksuisi – 3 people.
11. Knolevi – 2 people.
12. Karb – 3 people.
13. Patara-Medzhriskhevi – 5 people.
14. The vicinity of “Pauk”(Spider) OP – two posts, 15 people.
15. Pris village – 12 people.
16. Three posts at Tamarasheni village – 15 people.
17. Kheiti – two posts, 15 people.

It is worth mention that during the provocative actions of Georgian side the number of personnel at the illegal posts is considerably increasing.

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