Georgian MIA is going to block Ossetian villages until their inhabitants accept Georgian citizenship

Thu, 20/03/2008 - 10:08

From the beginning of March Georgian power structures have been blocking Ossetian villages Mugut and Didmukha of Znaur district of the Republic of South Ossetia. As the sources from Georgia insist, the action is authorized by newly appointed Gori district governor Lado Vardzelashvili.
For some time all bypassing from Tskhinval to Ossetian villages is checked at police checkpoint in Avnevi village, which from the beginning of the conflict is controlled by Georgian power structures. In the course of examination people undergoes humiliating and illicit search, all their goods and products are seized. The head of Avnevi department of Georgian police Datashvili is personally participates the actions. The passengers, including ethnical Georgians living in Mugut and Didmukha are prohibited to carry more than one kilogram of foodstuffs. The peacekeepers, located near to the police checkpoint are not interfering in this iniquity. As the Georgian policemen explain, this illegal actions are due to force Ossetian population to accept Georgian citizenship. «We are not going to let foodstuffs to this villages»- claimed the Head of police department Datashvili during the regular searching. «You must receive passports in Avnevi and purchase products in Gori».
As a result, the villages located at the South Ossetia and Georgia border with a population of about 400 people cut from the territory of South Ossetia and their inhabitants are in sharp need of foodstuffs. The situation is hardly to change, for in this time of year the only way lays through Avnevi.
To remind, on 21 February this year Georgian MIA servicemen detained a vehicle with South Ossetian JCC co-chairman Boris Chochiev who was returning to Tskhinval from his regular working trip in South Ossetian Znaur district. Commenting the incident JCC draw attention to the fact that «at this illicit post are constantly violated human wrights of Ossetians». JCC also noted that JPKF «contrary to their mandate and Regulation of JPKF, does not undertake any steps to protect peaceful population from the arbitrariness of Georgian police illegally acting in the zone of conflict». In connection with the incident JCC South Ossetian part expressed a resolute protest to Georgian authorities and demanded from JPKF «to place JPKF post at this sector without delay and provide free passage of peaceful citizens». In their turn JPKF headquarters considered the incident provocation of Georgian side but nonetheless never undertake any measures to provide free passage of citizens through Avnevi.

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