David Sanakoev: «It will have been lasting until Georgian authorities feel their impunity»

Fri, 11/07/2008 - 15:22

«Kidnapping is one of the heaviest crimes. Any act of abduction is a humiliation of human dignity, especially if the kidnapped is a 14 year-old boy»-commented to «Res» correspondent the ombudsman at RSO President David Sanakoev the fact of abduction of Andrey Petrachenko by Georgian police on 7 July.
«Apart from the fact that such actions are negation of the UN Charter and are condemned as a serious and outrageous violation of human rights and fundamental liberties, stated in the General declaration of human rights and confirmed and developed in the international documents pertaining to this realm, such crimes have also a moral responsibility. Georgian law enforcement organs are violating not only the principles of international law, existing presently in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone but also the standards of Georgia’s national legislation»-noted David Sanakoev and added that «the abduction of Andrey Petrachenko is one the links of the chain of Georgian power structures violations of the law and the instrument for intimidation of Ossetian population. It will have been lasting until Georgian authorities feel impunity for committed delinquencies. We have applied more than once to different international structures to draw their attention at these infractions but the situation does not change so far».

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