Chronology of Events in South Ossetia 7-11 August 2008

Mon, 13/10/2008 - 17:55

7 August 23:45
Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia began

8 August 00:06
From the Georgian villages Nikozi and Ergneti, as well as from Georgian town Gori the Georgian army started the shelling from large-caliber weapons of the capital of the Republic of South Ossetia – Tskhinval, and of the South Ossetian villages: Dmenis, Sarabuk, Satikar, Tsunar, Khetagurovo, Velit, Mugut, Didmukha, Znaur, Galuanta and others.

8 August 00:42
Georgia officially declared war. The commander of the Georgian peace-keeping battalion, Mamuka Kurashvili, officially informed the Commander of Joint Peacekeeping Forces in the zone of conflict, major-general Marat Kulakhmetov, that Georgia begins the military operation in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone for establishment of constitutional order in South Ossetia. He called for the Russian peacekeepers, located in the zone of conflict, not to interfere in the situation.

8 August 01:00
Beginning of shelling from large caliber grenade launchers and howitzers of the villages Dmenis, Znaur and Khetagurovo.

8 August 01:38
The attack on Tskhinval is held from all directions. The Georgian side shells Tskhinval from “Grad” rocket launchers, howitzers and large caliber grenade launchers.

8 August 02:00
Tskhinval militiamen defend the town; they take positions in the northern, eastern, southern and western parts of the town.

8 August 02:10
The first wounded people are brought to the Republican hospital from the southern district of Tskhinval – Gudzhabaur.

8 August 02:50
Georgia informs about driving out of South Ossetian formations from several villages.

8 August 03:20
In the sky above Tskhinval Georgian aircrafts appear, which are mistakenly taken by the residents of the town for Russian air forces, who came to rescue.

8 August 03:46
Georgia began tank attack on southern suburbs of Tskhinval. South Ossetian forces resist. State minister of Georgia Temur Yakobashvili, in his turn declared, that Tskhinval is encircled by Georgian troops.

8 August 03:50
Direct shelling with the aim of complete liquidation of the village Tsunar-Khetagurovo. Entering to the village of Georgian formations. Beginnig of Georgian atrocities.

8 August 04:00
Russia demanded from the UNO Security Council to organize emergency session.

8 August 04:35
Georgia misinforms the world community, declaring about full seizure of Tskhinval. In reality it is situated in the four-kilometer range from the border.

8 August 05:12
Georgian aircrafts SU-25 again make bombing of South Ossetia. The irrigation water pipeline in the northern part of the town is damaged. The cellars became flooded, where people are hiding out from Georgian bombardments.

8 August 09:23
Georgia states of capture of Tskhinval. However, Grorgian formations fail to move further than 4 km inside the capital. Special Militia Detachment of the South Ossetia’s MIA manages to prevent the attacking movement of Georgian tanks on Stalin Str. 4 Georgian tanks are destroyed, as well as all Georgian infantrymen in this district of the town.

8 August 10:00
UNO did not take decision on South Ossetia.

8 August 11:00
Vladimir Putin stated, that Georgian actions will “be given response-actions”.

8 August 11:03
Russian peacekeepers inform about the wounded and dead as a result of shelling from Georgian side.

8 August 11:05
Eduard Kokoity meets the President of North Ossetia Taimuraz Mamsurov to discuss the situation.

8 August 13:45
Fights are on-going in the south-eastern part of the town, fights are on-going in the center of the South Ossetian capital, the hospital is destroyed, the University building is on fire. The Special Militia Unit of the South Ossetian MIA is defending the eastern entrance to the town. Considerable part of Georgian infantry is destroyed in the so called “Oak Grove” above Tskhinval. There are Afro-Americans among the destroyed Georgian military men.

8 August 15:00
Dimitri Medvedev stated, that Russia will not leave unpunished the actions of Georgian side.

8 August 15:30
Tskhinval is in ruins. Government building is burnt down, as well the TV building and 60% of all the dwelling area of the town.

8 August 16:20
Tskhinval militia and military detachments unite, mobilize their forces in order to prevent the inward movement of Georgian tanks further than the north-western part of the town. 7 Georgian tanks are destroyed as well as considerable part of the infantry. The wounded continue to be delivered to the hospital of the town. There is information about 31 dead body in the morgue of the Republican hospital.

8 August 16:30
Russia demands to convene the session of the UNO SC on the situation in South Ossetia.

8 August 17:00
Georgian armed formations undertake next attack on Tskhinval. They are drown back by Tskhinval militia detachments and Special Operations Units.

8 August 18:00
Georgian armed formations doing uncontrolled atrocities in the southern part of the town. They throw grenades into basements, flood the basements, shoot through the streets, don’t give the opportunity to take away the dead bodies of civilians from the streets.

8 August 19:00
Georgian armed forces again begin the squall shelling from all directions of their attack.

8 August 21:00
Destroyed are: Jewish quarter of Tskhinval, Molodyoxhnaya Str, school № 5 is on fire. Completely destroyed are dwelling blocks of flats on Stalin Str, Tabolov, Oktyabrskaya, Geroev, Komsomolskaya streets. House-museum of Vasiliy Ivanovich Abaev is destroyed.

9 August 06:00
There 181 wounded in the Republican hospital. Mostly civilian population. There 41 dead body in the morgue. The hospital is incessantly kept under squall shelling and fire. It is not possible to deliver all the wounded. The fifth storey of the hospital is destroyed by the grenades.

9 August 08:20
Georgian armed forces enter the villages Galuanta and Tbet. Within the three hours of their stay there they killed all the cattle, destroyed the houses, the residents of the villages saved themselves in the forest, where the Georgian forces did not risk entering.

9 August 10:00
The town is again shelled from “Grad” rocket launchers.

9 August 12:00
Georgian formations do atrocities in the villages Satikar and Sarabuk.

9 August 13:00
Georgian tanks directly shoot the column of cars with refugees on Zar road. Large number of dead.

9 August 14:00
Georgian formations drive away the residents from the village if Pris and occupy the Pris height. The fighting is on-going in the western part of the town. The number of casualties by that time is about 1000 people. 210 wounded.

9 August 17:00
Column of Russian armored machinery enters Tskhinval.

9 August 19:23
Russia breaks air connection with Georgia from the midnight of 9 August.

9 August 20:14
Shelling of Tskhinval continues.

9 August 21:17
One of the tactic groups of the 58th army of North Caucasian military unit broke through to the base camp of Russian peacekeepers in Tskhinval.

9 August 11:38
Detachments of 76th airborne troops division from Pskov enter Tskhinval. Detachments of 98th airborne troops division from Ivanovo, as well as Spetsnaz from the 45th separate reconnaissance regiment are brought to South Ossetia.

9 August 12:28
General headquarters of the Armed Forces of RF confirm information about the two hit military airplanes Su-25 and Tu-22 in the zone of Georgian-Ossetian conflict.

9 August 12:59
Georgian soldiers surrender and leave their positions inside the capital of the Republic of South Ossetia Tskhinval.

9 August 15:52
Ossetian militiamen destroyed four Georgian tanks.

9 August 21:00
Russian detachments hold carry out operations on driving out of Georgian formations from southern suburbs of Tskhinval.

9 August 23:50
Georgian armed formations retreat. Dynamics of shelling decreases.

10 August 10:25
MIA of Georgia declared withdrawal of forces from South Ossetia.

10 August 12:00
Georgian side again shelled Tskhinval from howitzers.

10 August 14:02
Ministry of Defense of RF confirmed information about the withdrawal of georgian troops from Tskhinval.

10 August 16:20
Again, Tskhinval is shelled from howitzers. Seven people are wounded, out of them 3 are children.

10 August 18:39
The first convoy with the wounded set out from Tskhinval to Vladikavkaz. 50 people are evacuated.

10 August 21:40
Tskhinval is under full control of Russian peacekeepers. Georgian troops had withdrawn to the administrative border with South Ossetia.

11 August 00:20
Tskhinval is again under artillery fire.

11 August 01:10
19 Georgian saboteurs are taken captive in South Ossetia.

11 August 04:24
France presented plan of Georgian-South Ossetian conflict settlement. The basic points of the plan are immediate cease-fire, rendering medical care to the wounded, as well as withdrawal of Georgian and Russian forces from the conflict zone.

11 August 07:26
Georgia continues fire at Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia. In the southern part of Tskhinval region there were fightings between Russian peacekeepers and Georgian military men. One of the check-points of Russian peacekeepers was bombed by Georgian air forces. Three peacekeepers are killed and four wounded.

11 August 08:24
Column of the Ministry for Emergency Situations with humanitarian aid enters South Ossetia.

11 August 12:43
Shooting on the road from Tskhinval to Roki tunnel on the border with Russia is stopped, the situation has stabilized. Evacuation of population from the surrounding settlements is on-going, while military machinery, including tanks and self-propelled artillery units are moving in the direction of Tskhinval.

11 August 13:05
“Forcing to peace operation” in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone is mostly completed. Tskhinval is taken under control by reinforced Russian peacekeeping contingent.

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